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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the NDA held on Saterday 8th September 2012 at Out of Africa Lodge in Otjiwarongo.

1. Notice Convening of the Meeting

1.1 Welcome

Dr. C de Villiers, Vice president opened the AGM officially and welcomed everyone.

1.2 Apologies

Dr. K. Moloi
Dr. L. Jurgens
Dr. C. Jurgens

1.3 New Members

All new members were welcomed to the NDA.

1.4 Present

Dr. A. Aluteni, Dr. H. Badenhorst, Dr. P. Coetzee, Dr. S. Dauramanzi, Dr.C. de Chavonnes Vrugt, Dr. C. de Villiers, Dr. E.Ellis, Dr. W. Grobler, Dr. N. Herunga, Dr. P. Kakumai, Dr. M.H. Kanjere, Dr. W. Koepp, Dr. N. Landsberg, Dr. H. Mentzel, Dr. H.P. Myburgh, Dr. A. Ndakeva, Dr. A. Oelofsen, Dr. D. Proffit, Dr. Theo Scriba,Ms A. Sharpley, Dr A. Thopi, Dr. A. Uusiku-hangula, Dr. B.Van Eyk, Dr. S. Varghese, Dr. B. Zulu, Dr. R. Mwaenga, Dr. R. Andreae.

1.5 Proxy holders

Dr. L. Steyn for Dr. C.de Viliers
Dr.D. Kock for Dr.B.Van Eyk
Dr. A. Hannekom for Dr.N.Landsberg
Dr.K.Nel for Dr. W. Grobler
Dr.P.J.van Lill for Dr. W. Grobler
Dr. F.Theron for Dr.N.Landsberg
Dr. L.Hartung for Dr. W. Grobler
Dr.H.de Haast for Dr. C.de Villiers
Dr. A. Rothmann for Dr. W Grobler
Dr. D. Louw for Dr. C.de Villiers
Dr. L. Izaak for Dr. Aluteni
Dr. B.Bailey for Dr. W Grobler
Dr. I. Swanepoel for Dr. W Grobler
Dr.W. Mouton for Dr. W. Grobler
Dr. S. Obholtzer for Dr. T. Scriba
Dr. M. May for Dr W. Grobler

1.6 Announcement of quorum

There are 97 NDA members for 2012.
26 present.  15 Proxy’s.
A quorum to represent the registered members of the NDA was present.

2. Adoption of the agenda
Dr. W. Koepp presented a motion: To accept the proposed MS tariff structure to replace the outdatedand incomplete BHF tariff structure for the maxillo facial oral surgeons and dentists that would be performing some of the procedures outlined in the proposed MS tariff structure.

3. Matters arising from previous minutes

4. Confirming of previous minutes

AGM dated 17/09/2011 – The minutes were presented to all members via the website before the congress. No queries, addition or changes were raised.

5. Reports

5.1. President’sreport - Read by Dr. C. de Villiers, vice president, as the President is not present due to a presentation at a congress in the USA.

5.2. Honorary Treasurer’s report – Theo read a summary of the auditor’s report for the year 2011. A copy is also attached. It is also available on the website.

Dr.C.de chevonnust vrugt – What did the NMC debacle cost approximately?
+- N$200 000.00=Lawyers was almost 50% of the amount.

5.2.1 Capitation fees for 2013 will stay N$850. Seconded by Dr. A.Oelofsen and Dr. P. Coetzee

5.2.2. Approval of the financial report

5.2.3. The auditors will stay the same for the next financial year.

5.2.4. Financials have been discussed and approved by all members.

5.3.1 Website

There were already some new changes on the NDA website. It will be revamped for the New Year 2013.

5.3.2. National Dental Health Month – 14th September 2012. Dr. C. de Villiers will present the NDA.

6. NDA tariff list for 2013 N$ 850.00

7. New motion of Dr. W. Koepp as stated in nr. 2.

Dr. W. Koepp has corresponded and was approachedby NAMAF about the fee structures and codes that are outdated. Codes should be drawn up by the specialists and DP’s themselves.Tower and Watsons who represent NAMAF said that the NDA must give the specialist (MFOS) the authorization to propose and set up these fee structures/codes which are omitted and/or outdated.
-codes must be more users friendly
-suite every profession more specific

The motion was accepted and the authority and go ahead was given to Dr.W. Koepp/ MFOS to continue with this situation of the codes and fee structures.

Dr.H.Myburgh: NAMFISA will take over NAMAF. They have already tried 15years ago to implement the CPT/take it over. They did not succeed. We cannot allow a 3rd party to control our profession. The GNR earned the codes to us! The NDA / M&D committee has the legal power. So far NAMAF/NAMFISA will just act as they took it over and have the ownership.

Where can we get the cassette that states who is the owners of the codes? Dr. C.de Chevonnust said that we must find out, and make a group that can go and find these. Dr. C. de Villiers said that our lawyers need that cassette to make our stand as dentists more stable. This will give us the bargaining tool. NAMAF does know that the codes are not theirs, but they also know it is very difficult to prove it.

Dr.A.Oelofsen asked how manythe lawyers costs are for such a case will. Dr.C.de Villiers replied that it is impossible to say. The only thing we know is lawyer costs is expensive, depending on how long the case will go.

Dr. A.Oelofsen asked that the committee can follow the fact that Rhino Park Hospital said on paper that they have decreased their fees. Which is totally false.

8. Correspondence

9. Elections of the new NDA EXCO committee

President: Dr. C. de Villiers
Vice President: Dr. T. Scriba
Secretary: Dr. W. Grobler
Treasurer: Dr. N. Landsberg
Additional members: Dr. H. Myburgh, Dr. H. Badenhorst, Dr. R. Andreae.
For the year Dr. K. Moloi will still be on the Exco for help during meeting.

10. Date and venue of the next Annual General Meeting:

It was decided that the new NDA Excocommittee should determine where and when the next AGM and congress should take place.

11. Closure

To conclude: We own our professional codes! We must protect it.

12. The AGM 2012 was officially closed.

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