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Q: What should I do if I have a problem or difference of opinion with my dentist? Which organization can I contact to assist in solving such problems?

A: There is no doubt that most problems can be solved by way of good and open communication. The advice below is given with this in mind and has proven to be successful in most instances.

The first step is always to approach your dentist to discuss your concerns and to try and find a solution to your problem by communicating with him/her. This is the easiest, cheapest and best solution and will probably have the best long term results.

If no solution is found, the second step will be to contact the Namibian Dental Association (NDA). For most questions or misunderstandings the NDA office bearers will be able to provide answers. The NDA also has an Ethical Committee that concerns itself with ethical matters relating to the dental profession. This committee will act as an intermediary between parties with a difference of opinion and will assist in finding a solution. Should the NDA not be able to solve your problem, you will be referred to the Interim Medical and Dental Council (IMDC) for assistance.

As a last resort the Interim Medical and Dental Council (IMDC) can also be contacted directly. If your concerns are of a very serious nature, or if you feel very strongly aggrieved, the correct action would be to approach the IMDC. The IMDC will advise you on further action and if warranted, will request you to lay a written charge so that your concerns can be formally investigated. This is obviously the last and most drastic measure and may also be the most costly way to find a solution to your problem. However, in some very serious cases, this is necessary and is the only way to find a solution to the problem.

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