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AGM Minutes 2011


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the NDA held on Friday 17th September 2011 at Swakopmund Hotel.

1.  Notice Convening of the Meeting

1.1 Welcome
- Dr. K Moloi, the president, welcomed everybody and officially opened the 22nd AGM of the NDA.
1.2 New Members
The following new member was welcomed by Dr K.Moloi:

-  Dr. H Badenhorst

1.3 Present
Dr. F.Nel, Dr. S. Suardi, Dr. H. Myburgh, Dr. J.Archer, Dr. M. Van Zyl, Dr. A. van Vuuren, Dr. C. Jurgens, Dr. L. Jurgens, Dr. H. de Haast, Dr. D. Louw, Dr. A. Hanekom, Dr. P. Coetzee, Dr. H. Badenhorst, Dr. H. Mentzel, Dr. C. de Villiers, Dr. M. May, Dr. I. Swanepoel, Dr. T. Scriba, Dr. N. Landsberg, Dr. K. Moloi, Dr. N. v/d Linde, Dr. M. Schünemann, Dr. G. Pack, Dr. E. Newaka, Dr. D. Profitt, Dr.B. van Eyk, Dr. M. Wucher, Dr. W. du Preez, Dr.P. Kakumai, Dr.M. Ndyetabula, Dr.H. Uusiku, Dr. Ndilenga, Dr. Kanjere, Dr. E. Shamena-Ronni.

Apologies: Dr. S. Suliman, Dr. A. Rothmann, Dr. WG. Koepp, Dr. G. Wyma apologised for not being able to make the AGM 2011.

1.4 Proxy holders

- Dr. L. Izaak for Dr. N. Herunga
- Dr. E. Ellis for Dr. N. Landsberg
- Dr. WG. Koepp for Dr. N. Landsberg
- Dr. C. de Chavonnes Vrugt for Dr. K. Moloi
- Dr. M.Van der Vaart for Dr. T. Scriba
- Dr. Engling for Dr. M. Schunemann
- Dr. D.Hattingh for Dr. M. Schünemann
- Dr. D. Louw for Dr. Dr. M. Schünemann
- Dr. M. Aluteni for Dr. K. Moloi
- Dr. T. Fox for Dr. I. Swanepoel
- Dr. U.Braüer for Dr. N. Landsberg
- Dr. G. Wyma for Dr. N. Landsberg
- Dr. W. Grobler for Dr. N. Landsberg
- Dr. Petrick for Dr. M. Schünemann
- Dr. H. van der Westhuizen for Dr. N. Landsberg
- Dr. D. Kock for Dr. K. Moloi
- Mrs. B. Seager for Dr. N. Landsberg

1.5 Announcement of Quorum
A quorum to represent the registered members of the NDA was present.

2.  Adoption of the Agenda
Cape Dental Road show 2012.

3.  Reports from standing committees

3.1 President’s Report
The Presidents report was read by Dr. Kagiso Moloi, the President, himself.  A copy is attached. He said although he has resigned in his term of presidency in 2011, he is willing to continue as a member or President of the committee for the period 2012 if re-elected.

3.2 Honorary Treasurer’s Report

3.2.1 The capitation fees for 2012 will be N$ 850.  Seconded by Dr. J Archer and Dr. N Herunga
3.2.2 The treasurer Dr. T. Scriba presented the report.  A copy is attached. The NMC debacle approximately cost the NDA +- N$ 100 000-00.
3.2.3 The auditors will stay as it is.
3.2.4 It was proposed by Dr. Archer that the NDA EXCO members decide what the budget will be used for.  It was seconded by Dr. Swanepoel.
3.2.5 The financials have been discussed and approved by all members of the NDA.    

4.  Confirmation of previous minutes
AGM dated 25/09/2011-The minutes were presented to all members via email before the congress.  No queries, addition or changes were raised.

5.  Reports from standing committee

5.1 Marketing and Advertising
Approximately N$100 000-00 was spend on the NDA/NMC debacle.
5.2 Website
Currently there is nobody that is actively acting as web master.
5.3 National Dental Health Month

A letter was read by Dr. Herunga from PSEMAS. This issue will be discussed after the AGM by members that
are contracted in with PSEMAS.  The main concern is that nothing that was done to reach the government’s
attention on the matter was successful.

6. General and Matters of which notice has been given.

6.1 VAT- Dr. H Mentzel
In July it was announced that Dentists are again VAT exempted. Why was VAT cancelled- and can the EXCO committee find out? Is it going to stay like that- are we going to try to be 0% VAT. It was suggested that it is best being VAT exempted, and it was seconded by 4 people.

6.2 NMC feedback: Dr J Archer
This was an example that dentists can stand together. Our main objective is always our profession-dentistry. If we do not fight for it, or negotiate for the benefit of the profession no one will. The NDA is strong and can achieve a lot in the organisation.

6.3 Laboratories: Dr. J Archer
Motion was drawn back.

6.4 NPPF: Dr. K Moloi
Dr. K Moloi read a letter from M.A.N. The NDA members had a lot of different feelings regarding the fact whether NDA must be associated or/and support NPPF.  It was unanimously decided that NDA will collaborate with the NPPF. We will give our full support to the NPPF. Dr. Wucher will be the representative at NPPF-as he is on the NPPF committee.
Questions rose: Will the NPPF negotiate for the dentists individually? How will we know they do it to the benefit of the dental profession? Will the NDA still negotiate on their own for fee structures?

6.5 Budget: Dr. M Wucher
Dr. Wucher explained why the budget will be best used if given to the NPPF.  Surveys are an example of what will be done with the money. Even if NDA do not give the money- the NPPF already have the “go-ahead” to continue with a forensic survey. We as dentists/NDA do not have the time,data and finance to do this alone. In this matter it will be to the NDA’s advantage to have certain data to use. E.g. the survey will be used to provide data to GNR for better fees from NAMAF. NAMAF is united, and there will always be a risk. One must look at what one can give and get back.

The members voted:  The NDA’s budget will not be used for NPPF
It does not mean NDA will not be willing to contribute financially, as long as all the other medical organisations contribute in the same ratio.

6.6 Fee structure: Dr. C de Villiers
It was suggested that to the advantage of being collaborating with the NPPF, that they will help us to achieve better fee structures for dentists.  For so long the NDA has tried several ways to get any positive response, let’s give the NPPF a chance to help us.

7. Additional motions added during the AGM:
The technicians: They asked if they can become NDA members. According to our constitution they can be affiliated members of the NDA-but they will not be able to vote on the matters at an AGM.  
The Congress organizer 2012: Birgit Gartner has announced that she will unfortunately not be able to continue to organise the NDA congress anymore.
Cape Dental Show: The organiser asked if we as NDA would like to make it part of our 2012 NDA congress. The members felt that the Congress is the NDA’s main source of income. The NDA will show their support by attending individually, but not as the annual year’s congress.

8. Correspondence
There is a letter from Botswana that said they followed our debacle with the NMC in the newspaper, and congratulated us on our achievement. They do look up to our unity as dentist standing together.

9. Appointment of Executive Committee for 2010

President:  Dr. K Moloi
Vice President:  Dr. C de Villiers
Treasurer:  Dr. T Scriba
Secretary:  Dr. N Landsberg
Additional members:  
- Dr. W Grobler
- Dr. N Herunga

10.  Date and venue of next congress and annual general meeting
It was decided that the new Exco should determine where and when the next AGM should take place.

11.  Closure
The AGM was officially closed.

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