AGM Minutes 2011 (Special) - Namibian Dental Association

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AGM Minutes 2011 (Special)



1. The meeting started with prayer by Dr. Kagiso Moloi

2. Attendance:  18

3. Proxy holders: 23  - ( quorum of 41 )

4. NMC/ NDA debacle :

Dr. Johann Archer – Congratulates everyone on the success  of the NDA.
The fact that we all stood together- willing to put your name on paper not to claim, made us strong.

This will not be the end of this type of situations. We must become less dependant on 3rd party  payments. In future it will not be worth for Private Practitioners to claim from medical aids. We as  Health Care Practitioners need to take responsibility and prepare/ talk to our patients. In all- this is the one component we all will always have - THE PATIENT
We won time – to structure us and get more involved. All the members of NDA must work together.

Dr. Joggie  Briedenhann – Thanked everyone for their input in the NMC debacle. But-  how many of us has acknowledged the people/Kagiso for what they have done? The time and effort put in was on their after hours / or even during work hours. Everyone need recognition and affection.

• Let us set the guidelines- not others. If we are involved, we can make the negotiations, but we do not even know the power (laws and acts that are there to protect us) that we have in this type of situations.  
• The new members must get involved. The older ones are soon to leave all the committees. (Specially also the HPCNA/ Medical and Dental council. )
• We need regulations. We need to learn the laws that are set out there for us as Health Care Practitioners, and the capability we have.



5. Request form Gregory Pack that NMC must make a formal apology to Dr. Moloi through the media. It was seconded and the NDA EXCO will see to inform NMC.

6. Elections:  Kagiso Moloi said he will stay on as President until AGM in Aug/Sept 2011. Dr.Ruta (secretary) apologised and resigned from NDA EXCO and duties via Dr Moloi.

7. Nominations and voted:

8. Vice president:
Johann Archer

9. Additional Member: Pieter Coetzee

10. Secretary : Nelia Landsberg

11. PSEMAS/NAMAF tarriffs: Kagiso said there has been no response from PSEMAS side since the last meeting of the members. They refuse to give the amount (25%) increase. We will make a different approach:

12. There will be members that will get statistics on how the inflation costs for a dental practice ( materials, staff etc.) has increased during a few years. The approach is to show the GNR that it is not worth for a dental practice to claim / sign a contract with them.

13. Dr. A Oelofsen together with Dr. C de Villiers will get the Sub Committee/ info together  for further investigation.

14. Closure – no futher motions. Next NDA EXCO meeting will be informed electronically.

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