AGM Minutes 2010 - Namibian Dental Association

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AGM Minutes 2010


Minutes of the 21st annual General Meeting of the NDA held at Heija lodge on 25th September 2010.

1. Welcome  

Dr. Kagiso Moloi, the president, welcomed everyone at the AGM.

1.2 New Members

There was a number of Ministry of Health Dentist all over Namibia which was joined this year to be part of the NDA.

1.3 Present          

Dr. K. Moloi, Dr. N Landsberg, Dr. T. Scriba, Dr. S. Obholzer, Dr. N. Herunga, Dr. T.Aochamus,
Dr. M. Ndyetabula, Dr. E. Kandukira, Dr. E. Shameni-Ronni, Dr. A. Oelofsen, Dr. H. Mentzel,
Dr. A. Hanekom, Dr. R. Ndelenga, Dr. Q. Antonova, Dr. B. Bachmeier, Dr. T. Fox, Dr. H. Kanjere,
Dr. P. Coetzee, Dr. C. Jurgens, Dr. L. Schhickerling, Dr. J. Smith, Dr. M. Van Zyl, Dr. A. van Vuuren,
Dr. S. Suliman, Dr. H. v/d Westhuizen, Dr. K. Nel, Dr. H de Haast, Dr. U. BrÄuer, Dr. B. van Eyk,
Dr. S. Vangese, Dr. F. Rusirevi, Dr. T. Marodza, Dr. C. Tenga, Dr. D.Burger, Dr. C. Gumbie, Dr. R. Mwaenga, Dr. D. Chisodza, Dr. R. Muro, Dr. J. Rutabanzibwa,Dr. A. Chigova, Dr.M. Chikwaya, D. F. Uugwanga,
Dr. M. Nelson

1.4 Apologies/Proxy holders

Dr. N Landsberg for Dr. I Swanepoel
Dr. K Moloi for Dr. S Louw
Dr. K Moloi for Dr. Hattingh
Dr. A Oelofse for Dr. N Patrick
Dr. T Scriba for Dr. M Schünemann
Dr.L Schickerling for Dr. M Shier
Dr. N Herunga for Dr. L Isaac
Dr. N Herunga for Dr. D Tjimuku
Dr. D Burger for Dr. S Suardi
Dr. H de Haast for Dr. H Muller

1.5 Announcement of quarum

A quorum to represent the registered members of the NDA was present.
69 Members on NDA: 44 people present at AGM – 16 is not NDA members (37%)
Including the proxy holders, 53% registered NDA members

2. Adoption of the agenda – the following points was added:

Dr. Rutabanzibwa – FDI
Dr. D Burger - Speakers

3. Matters arising from previous meetings/ Confirmation of previous minutes:

There were no amendments to previous minutes so Dr. A. Hanekom proposed to approve the minutes of 21/09/2009. The motion was seconded by Dr. S Suardi. The majority of members gave approval.

4. Reports from standing committees

4.1 President's report
The report was read by Dr. K. Moloi, the President, himself. A copy is attached.

4.2 Honorary Treasurer's report
The treasures, Dr. T. Scriba presented the report. A copy is attached.
           It was proposed by Dr. J Smith to increase the Capitation fees to N$850.00. The Ministry of  
           Health/ Government Dentists proposed they get a lesser fee. After the AGM voted on this
           matter, it was concluded that the capitation fee for 2011 is N$ 850.00 for all.
4.3 Appointment of auditors
It was generally accepted that Financial Consulting Services (FCS) stays out auditors

4.4 Budget for 2011
Dr. H. v/d Westhuizen proposed to increase the budget from N$80 000 to N$100 000. Dr. A. Oelofse said that we already have a deficit in our NDA bank- she suggests to first try to get out of the red before increasing our Budget. Dr. A Hanekom seconded Dr. A. Oelofse's suggestion. It was then unanimously decided to keep it N$80 000 for 2011.

4.5 Marketing and advertising
Dr. R. Rutabanzibwa asked how this is beneficial to the State Dentists. Dr. A. Hanekom explained from where the origin is for advertising the dental profession. The main aim is to increase Dental Health and Dental Profession in a whole over the country. Not only in private sector.

4.6 Website
Dr. A Hanekom said that hits still continue to increase weekly. It can be said that almost 50% is administration for NDA and the other 50% is for dental indications and info.

4.7 National Dental Health Month
Colgate is our loyal sponsor and continuous support for this day- Dental Health Day.

5. NDA tariff for 2011

Psemas: Dr. N Herunga gave feedback on this situation with the ministry. We do not get any response from them at all. Also not even by email. None of our queries and questions was looked at.
NDA tariff list for 2011- stay 2009

6. Matters of which notice have been given

Dr. D. Burger said that he felt really uncomfortable with the type of language spoken by one lecturer. He also said he feel that the NDA exco committee should stand up and address such person during a lecture when foul language is used. He also said that this using of alcohol during lecturers and answering cell phones is disrespectful and unprofessional. Dr. A. Hanekom seconded and supported his motion. Coming late is also a very big issue.

Dr. K. Moloi asked that everyone can suggest lecturers for future lectures at congresses. With regards to the topics we as NDA members feel we want to be discussed.

Dr. R. Rutabanzibwa – FDI
He has attended the congress in Sept 2010 in Brazil. He was very upset that Namibia is not part of the FDI and also that Namibia cannot take part in elections. He said the benefits from being part of FDI are: the honour forum and it is recognised by the WHO. He also spoke about the FDI SMILE which was discontinued. Dr. L. Schickerling said- the reason why NDA is not part anymore is because it is too expensive, and that we gain no benefits- as she stated being on the NDA for many years- nothing ever came from their side except a yearly bill for registration. Dr.A.Hanekom corresponded that last year at the AGM it was discussed and voted for to not be part of FDI. The topics covered by them are not in the interest of the NDA. The Ministry of Health alone cannot be part of the FDI- it must be the NDA. Dr. N Herunga suggests that a committee will take the matter further.

7. Elections for new EXCO committee for 2010/2011

President: Dr. K. Moloi
Vice president: Dr. S. Obholzer
Treasurer: Dr. T. Scriba
Secretary: R Rutabanzibwa

8. Additional members:

Dr. N. Landsberg
Dr. I. Swanepoel
Dr. N Herunga
Dr. A Oelofse

9. Date and venue for next AGN/congress and Closure

The date will be decided by the Exco committee.
Since there being no more topics to discuss, the AGM was officially closed.

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