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AGM Minutes 2009


Minutes of the 20th Annual General Meeting of the NDA held at Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre on 19 September 2009.

1.  Notice Convening of the Meeting

1.1 Welcome

- Dr. Chris de Chavonnes Vrugt, the president, welcomed everybody and officially opened the 20th AGM of the NDA.

1.2 New Members

The following new members were welcomed by Dr de Chavonnes Vrugt to the NDA

- Dr. N. Landsberg
- Dr. S. Van der Merwe
- Dr. F. Theron
- Dr. P. Coetzee
- Dr. Van Heerden
- Dr. S. Suliman

1.3 Present

Dr. A. Oelofsen,  Dr. C. De Chavonnes Vrugt,  Dr. A. Hanekom,  Dr. S. Obholzer,  Dr. K. Moloi, Dr. M. Wucher,  Dr. B.J. van Eyk,  Dr. R. Schaaf,  Dr. W.G. Koepp,  Dr. Bachmeier,  Dr. C.A. Jurgens,  Dr. M van Zyl,  Dr. A. Van Vuuren,  Dr. S. Suliman,  Dr. W du Preez,  Dr. J. Archer,  Dr. J. Smith,  Dr. D. Burger,  Dr. M. Schier,  Dr. N. Landsberg,  Dr. P. Coetzee,  Dr. H. Van der Westhuizen,  Dr. T. Scriba,  Ms. E. Turch,  Dr. U. Brauer, Dr.  N. Van der Linde,  Dr. T. Fox,  Dr.L. van Zyl,  Dr. C. De Villiers,  Dr. G. Pack,  Dr. M. Aluteni,  Dr. M. May,   Dr. B. Musouda,  Dr. A. Thopil,  Dr. F.K. Mburu,  Dr. R. T. Mwaenga,  Dr. H. J. Uusiku,  Dr. N. Herunga, Dr. M. Schunemann,  Dr. Shamena-Ronni and Dr. S. Suardi.

1.4 Apologies

Dr. H.P. Myburgh and Dr. L. Schickerling apologised that they  could not attend the AGM of the NDA 2009.

1.5 Proxy holders

- Dr. C. De Chavonnes Vrugt for Dr. G. Wyma
- Dr. M. May for Dr. E. Ellis
- Dr. M. May for I. Swanepoel
- Dr. C. De Villiers for Dr. H. Muller
- Dr. A. Hanekom for dr. H. Mentzel
- Dr. K. Moloi for Dr. T.J. Aochamus
- Dr. C. De Chavonnes Vrugt for Dr. C. Kotulla
- Dr. E. Shamena-Ronni  for Dr. L. Izaaks
- Dr. Uusiku for Dr. E. Newaka

1.6 Announcement of Quorum

A quorum to represent the registered members of the NDA was present.

2.  Adoption of the Agenda

The following points were added to the agenda:
6.4 Exact EDI linked
5.6  PSEMAS contract
It was decided that the PSEMAS contract will be discussed after the AGM by the members that are contracted in with PSEMAS

3.  Reports from standing committees

3.1 President’s Report
The Presidents report was read by Dr. C. De Chavonnes, the President, himself.  A copy is attached.
The approval of the Presidents report was proposed by Dr. W. Koepp and seconded by Dr. M. Schier.  The report was accepted unanimously.

3.2 Honorary Treasurer’s Report

3.2.1 The treasurer Dr. S. Obholzer presented the report.  A copy is attached and will also be available on the NDA website.  There were no queries.  Dr. J. Archer proposed to approve the report and was seconded by Dr. W Koepp and Dr. Suardi.

3.2.2 It was proposed by Dr. Obholzer to increase the Capitation fees to N$ 750.  Dr. M. Wucher proposed to increase it to N$800.  After the AGM voted on this matter it was concluded that the capitation fees will increase to N$800.

3.2.3 It was proposed by Dr. S. Obholzer and seconded by Dr. A. Oelofsen that the current auditors namely Financial Consulting Services (FCS) stays the same.  This was generally accepted.

3.2.4 The budget for 2010 could not be completed as decisions that will be made during this meeting will influence the budget for 2010.

4.  Confirmation of previous minutes

4.1 AGM dated 20/09/2008
The minutes were presented to all members.  Dr. Koepp proposed to approve the Minutes of the 19th AGM of the NDA as it has been presented to the members of the NDA without any amendments.  The motion was seconded by Dr. S. Suardi.  The majority of the members gave their approval.

5.  Matters arising from Previous Meetings

Dr. A. Hanekom proposed that membership of the NDA implies adherence to the NDA Code of Conduct by all members, that the code be revised to read: ‘a Code of Conduct that NDA members subscribe to and that the individual signing of the code by NDA members be abolished.  
The website at the moment distinguishes between NDA members who signed the Code of Conduct and those who have not.  This will be abolished.

The motion was seconded by Dr. J. Archer.    and was unanimously accepted with nobody against this motion.

5.2 FDI membership
Dr. Nelson Herunga proposed that the NDA become part of the FDI again.  There was a long discussion where all the positives and negatives of being members of the FDI were discussed.
The NDA voted.  For the motion of Dr. Herunga to be members of the FDI – 6 members voted for the motion and 27 against.  Thus the motion did not carry.

5.3 Marketing and Advertising
Dr. M. Wucher presented a survey he did on Practice management.  According to the results he received 15-16% of turnover will be dental materials.  40-70% will be practice overheads.  The results concluded 15% is salaries, 15% materials and 15% lab costs.  
Dr Herunga thanked Dr Wucher for the survey.  He feels a survey like this is important as he can compare how he is doing compared to colleagues.  Dr Archer suggest maybe to redo the survey, hopefully will receive a better response and we may learn more as an association.
Dr. Bachmeier asked how a survey like this can be done anonymously if she has to email her results to Dr Wucher.

The website is a huge success.
The budget for marketing was N$80 000.00.  N$35 000.00 was used on Kosmos radio station,  N$20 000.00 was used for Radio Energy and N$10 000.00 on the NBC.
For Dental Health month a Namibian Smile Make over project was launched by Radio Wave, Colgate and the NDA.  Listeners enter their names and the public select 3 candidates.  The NDA then select a suitable patient and a dental make over for this patient is done.
Dr. J. Archer asked how the Exco committee can do this without the mandate of its members.
Dr C. De Chavonnes feel the exco is there to do marketing and this was part of a marketing campaign.
Dr Archer wants to know who is going to pay for this work and what if the patient at the end is dissatisfied?
Dr Wucher explains Radio wave was going to give airtime to advertise this project.  Colgate would do all the printing work.  Dentist would do this pro duo.  Any Lab fees will be paid by the NDA.
Dr. Pack also feels the committee went ahead without the mandate of its members but we reached a stage where we cannot turn back.  Dr. De Chavonnes agrees this will be negative publicity for the NDA if we stop the project now.
Dr. Hanekom told members the exco committee cannot be expected to ask permission for everything they do. He suggests we give this issue to the floor to tell the exco how to proceed after a vote.
It was proposed by Dr. J. Archer we continue with the project but only basic dentistry.  Dr Koepp seconded this proposal.  Members voted unanimously for continuing with this project.
Dr J Archer told the exco he has a problem with the marketing campaign on the radio.  He feels there are better ways to spend N$80 000.00.  Dr Wucher disagrees.  He feels this is the right approach.
The matter was put to a vote and unanimously it was voted to continue with the marketing campaign on the radio.

5.4 Website
Hits still continue to increase.  Before the radio campaign there was on average 6 to 7 hits a day.  Now the hits have been on average 46 a day.  The conclusion is that the  marketing strategy is working.  Dr Hanekom made a link to facebook where there is now a discussion group on facebook regarding the NDA and Dental matters.
Dr. C. De Chavonnes thanked Dr Hanekom for his hard work and input on the NDA website.

5.5 National Dental Health Month
This was discussed earlier in the meeting when the Namibian Smile Make over was discussed.

This issue will be discussed after the AGM by members that are contracted in with PSEMAS.

5.7 Dental Therapist
At the moment there are 33 registered dental therapist in Namibia and 62 new applications to register in Namibia.
The Council requested the NDA to look at the scope of Dental Therapist Practice.
It is the NDA’s aim to have Dental Therapists and Dental Technologist registered with Dentist under the Medical and Dental Council and not with the Allied Council.

5.8 VAT and Dentistry
The Minister of Finance proposed that Dentistry become zero rated.  This is positive for dentists as this means we will be able to reclaim VAT.
The Minister wants medical prices to be kept as low as possible.

5.9 Exco members exempt from Congress fees
Dr. C. De Chavonnes Vrugt explained that at last year’s AGM it was decided that exco members in future won’t pay for the Annual congress.   The exco committee discussed this matter and felt that they propose that this motion be reversed and that exco members should also pay for the Annual Congress. The main reason for this proposal was on financial grounds.
Dr. Pack proposed and Dr. Hanekom seconded this motion.  The floor voted unanimously for this proposal.

6.  General and Matters of which notice has been given.

6.1 Dental Protection Limited
Dr. C. De Chavonnes explained that SADA will administrate the Namibian members’ dental protection memberships without being members at SADA.  It means you can now be a member of DPL without being a member of SADA.

6.2 Pro-Deo Dental Services
Dr. C. De Chavonnes explained the NDA has a social responsibility.  A survey was sent out to see which members will be willing to perform pro bono work for less privileged children.  21 dentists responded and are willing to do pro bono work.  Dr. D. Louw is busy organising this and will allocate children for treatment to the dentists willing to do pro bono work.

6.3 NDA Tariff list for 2010
It was proposed by Dr. K. Moloi and seconded by Dr. M. Wucher that the NDA tariff list be increased with 10%. The NDA voted for this proposal unanimously.

6.4 Exact
Dr. J Archer asked that all members that use the Exact Dental Program in their practices contact him.  He would like to negotiate with medical aids to have the Program EDI linked.

7.  Correspondence

Nothing to report

8.  Appointment of Executive Committee for 2010

President:  Dr. Kagiso Moloi
Vice President:  Dr. S. Obholzer
Treasurer:  Dr. T. Scriba
Secretary:  Dr. Nelia Landsberg
Additional members:  

-  Dr. A. Oelofsen
- Dr. I. Swanepoel
- Dr. N. Herunga
- Dr. W. Koepp
- Dr. A. Hanekom
- Dr. D. Louw

9.  Date and venue of next congress and annual general meeting

It was decided that the new Exco should determine where and when the next AGM should take place.

10.  Closure

Since there being no more business to discuss, the AGM was officially closed at 16h30

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